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The eyes of every living thing are one of the first things to form during its first stages of life. Followed by the further development of the brain, life on earth is adjusting to its new function: to show the differences between light and dark. In a world where images form data in our visual computing cortex, the differences between light and dark are made into our memories… our themes of life…. our image-inations. Pictures form the still images in the frames of our mind. A symbol, a saying, a thought…. all boiled down into one still image that can say everything in elegant simplicity. The fullness of everything also described in its absence. With our eyes, we entrust that the world is what it is. Its minute dimensions are the unconscious constant, an agreement with the world that it is what it is. An artist sees this relationship and bends and plays with its arrangement. Juxtaposition of one with the other is not just something that humans do… It is the essence of nature… cosmic fundamentals without which we cannot exist. Understanding the ability to see through pictures requires the “cosmic theme”. A pattern that is everywhere but riddled in its interpretation and application. Whether it’s labeled as a matrix, a fractal, the multiple probable universe, a single picture can ask and answer these questions again and again. Is it thought? Is it inspiration? The invisible muse? The heart’s motivations by proxy? Can a single picture answer such a quesion? With over 15 years of design, development and illustration, art has become not just a technical journey, but a journey to explore the cause and effect the mechanics of imagination. The mind, like planets, wander. The Greek planetes had a direction that lead to its ultimate cycle… but always a wander… a stroll through the woods to recharge the soul…

“For example, what happens in the brain during an over-learned or boring task when the mind spontaneously flits from thought to thought. “The current work serves as an initial step in identifying the neural operations that support this core component of human cognition.” Quite why the mind wanders at all however remains open to debate. Professor Macrae added: “One possibility is that mind wandering, as a form of spontaneous mental time travel, reflecting on the past, planning for the future, lends a sense of coherence to one’s past, present and future experiences, enabling one to make effective choices and decisions.” Science Journal

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